Dresses on stage

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This week my dresses finally made it to the stage again after the pandemic. The Norwegian 10-dance champions Ronja and Sverre were performing at the Bootyswing Burlesque Varieté Show at SALT in Oslo. I must admit that I am very happy. Soon dresses will also be on the competition floors.

As a designer and dress maker for ballroom and latin dancing you not only have to think about the look and visual expression, but also that the dress is comfortable and feels secure for the dancer. It is therefore with great appreciation that I read Ronja’s comments about the dresses.

«A dress should look good, have a good fit, be comfortable and also match the personality of the person wearing it – and these dresses totally surpassed all these expectations.»

I was given late notice about the special theme for the night, but i just felt like giving Ronja the dress for the occasion was important. The «Roxanne» dress was made in a day, or to be honest, a late evening. But, it is a pleasure to be here for dancers and that they feel the best. I am always here for you even in emergency.